Energy Brokerage

We search for the best energy deal for your business, so you don’t have to


Energy bills can be a significant proportion of your business overhead. Our brokerage services support your energy management strategy.


We source energy from 14 different suppliers, securing the best rate available at the time.

We can also secure that rate for a period of up to 3 years depending on your individual requirements, providing you with not only the best rate available at the time but also stability in your costs for a period.

We provide:

  • A 60 second money saving service
  • Compare 156 tariffs from 21 suppliers offering the best possible solution for you
  • Some of the best live rates in the industry
  • Conducted in market leading timescale

All this is done with the express purpose of helping you save time and money on your energy bills.

The process we go through to secure a new energy contract for you:

  • Compile all the necessary site and company data needed to approach the supply market
  • Search and identify the best suppliers to bid for your contracts (using all the credible suppliers rather than just a few favourites)
  • Promote your business to the tendering suppliers to ensure a good response
  • Negotiate prices and contractual terms on behalf of your business, clarifying terms and conditions and any third party charges
  • Give a recommendation to guide you in choosing your new contract term, supplier, rate, structure etc.
  • Obtain credit clearance

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