HVAC Design

Cost-effective HVAC design and implementation throughout the UK & Ireland

HVAC design contractor London

We specialise in designing HVAC services to provide a cost effective solution across all market sectors including office developments, commercial and public buildings, hotels, data centres, retail, health, leisure and education establishments in the UK & Ireland.

Having an enthusiastic approach to the installation of multi-discipline building and engineering services we can offer a Mechanical & Electrical design & build management facility along with design development.

Today’s businesses need flexible, efficient buildings along with high quality support services. With experience of working in complex working environments with demands for well thought out solutions we have the experience and process able to deliver these.

With our experience, expertise, and the help of computer aided design, sizing of the unit is made easier and the layout and construction of the building will also help on deciding the type of unit or units that are the most suitable for the application.

By continually striving to provide our customers with the cutting edge of technology we can engineer efficiencies into our designs reducing installation and operational costs.

Our design service can supply:

  • Consultancy on existing equipment
  • Full system auditing
  • Advice on applications
  • Plant and equipment selection
  • Full system design
  • System profiling, helping existing systems operate more efficiently
  • Energy Management – Temperature Monitoring, Alarm Systems, Data Monitoring etc.
  • Coldroom calculations
  • Auto CAD & BIM designs
  • Advice on system applications and locations

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