Energy Management

Tailored energy management services


Reduce your business energy costs.


Reduce costs for the provision of energy in buildings and facilities without compromising work processes.

Particularly the availability and service life of the equipment and the ease of use should remain the same.

There are a number of strands to our energy management offering:

  • Procurement

    We seek out energy tariffs that offer a reduction in tariff costs thereby reducing your spend on energy

  • Systems

    We design and install systems that utilise energy efficiently, aiming to reduce energy usage with a view to reducing costs, minimising waste and aligning with current environmental/conservation aims

  • Monitoring

    We provide a range of tailored monitoring services which review usage and provide customers with alerts to any issues

  • Data Collection

    Our data collection service enables us to see peak and trends in your usage. This then enables us to investigate and provide pertinent recommendations to minimise or eliminate these.

  • Energy Bill Validation

    In order to eliminate mistakes, ensure you are paying the correct amount and have an accurate view of spend to budget we can provide a validation service for gas, Electricity & water utilities. We dial in and check the consumption and check that the amount charged is accurate.


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